Halimeda right in sand?

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Feb 4, 2005
Is this a stupid question - I just got Halimeda plants. Do I put these directly in the sand, or glue the bottom to rocks?

I have it growing in the sand and it is taking off. I also have it on rock in my fuge...i would be a bit scared of putting it in my main display though. It's almost as fast growning as caulerpa, or at least it is in my system.
Mine isn't doing anything. It's turning dark brown and dying off actually. Not really sure why. I may not have enough flow deep in the tank.
hmmm....could be but there really isn't much flow through my ruge either. Mine as you can see is growing like mad...I started out with 2 little pieces about 2" tall I just stuck them in the sand and this is what I got.
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