Help with one noisy overflow.

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Jan 16, 2003
I have a 72 Gallon Bow Front All-Glass aquarium. The tank came pre-drilled with a pre-drilled 1.75" hole with a corner overflow kit. The overlow has a float valve in it to reduce gurgle and water noise.

Well..this thing is extremely loud. Anyone have any ideas for quieting it down?
Check out this link for a quiet standpipe idea.
Another way to quiet it down is to put a muffler on it. This basically involves putting a larger piece of PVC around the standpipe so that water must flow up into the larger piece before entering the standpipe. A piece of icemaker tubing run into the top will serve as an air vent. I ran mine down into the stand to muffle the gurgling noise even more.
Logan J
When I had my AQA drilled 90...I bought one of the floater overflows when they came out. I found to reduce the sucking/aspirating noise...I could drill out the hole in the top of the float. The link Logan gave you is to Richard Durso's standpipe modification. When you get on Durso Standpipe.

Another modification is the Stockman Modification

Good luck.
Hm, I have no experence with the internal overflows but what I did to help quite down my hang on overflow was take a bit of airline tubing and slowly lower it down the drain line on the overflow.

Once the overflow got quite I taped the airline hose in place so it would not fall down further.

What this does it add a breathing tube to the overflow and that seems to cut down on the gurgling sounds.
HI! fishfreek, i am a newbie and have been trying to read alot. i'm planning to start a 100g reeftank.

i noticed you're using a hang-on overflow; it is just a simple U-tube? do you have another small tank to gather the water before it flows down to the sump or do you just run it straight to the sump(to meet the skimmer)?

thank you!

Hello steve,

I use a simple hang on overflow as you mentioned. The specific overflow that I use is the double prefilter box from It comes with two U tubes that take the water from the inside overflow box to the outside overflow box. From there water goes up and over a smal baffle and then down a drain line into the sump.

thanks a lot! this forum has helped me a lot in starting up..i just hope that someday i will be able to contribute more..rather than keep asking questions :D

i visit and the pictures explains really well. now i'm planning to purchase a complete berlin system to make life easier :p , but i don't know if they do ship internationally.

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