Hi! Fish newbie in WA

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Dec 15, 2015
Hey all, glad this forum exists!

I am a reptile breeder, small special needs/disabled reptile rescuer, as well as a feeder breeder... which prompted my acquisition of fish. Now that I've had fish for a few weeks (just guppies, mollies and a pleco <yes I know they get huge and it will live as an adult in a monster tank>) I'm quite enamored. While many of the mollies/guppies will eventually be feeders, I'm quite enthralled with their behaviors, intelligence, and the variety!

I plan on getting more tanks in the future that will be "for fun" fish like my pleco, but for now my plan is to get my first tank of fish up to best health and best bio-load that I can, in order to gain enough experience so these delicate animals have the best lives possible.

I honestly watch more "Fish TV" now than actual TV, and I'm positive that I will always need fish in my life.

Welcome to the forum and a case of MTS, Multiple Tank Syndrome, Non curable but a lot of fun and you get to meet other with the same affliction. Alison
Hello and welcome! I hope you will keep going with fish they r wonderful creatures and maybe get more advanced but beautiful fish later on? It's great to hear! ?Fishloverxoxo

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