hopefully not a regrettable purchase.

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Feb 28, 2011
Anyone out there have sucees keeping a copperband? I went against my better judgement two days ago when I was returning my B&W henouchious b/c he started to eat my scans and got the CBB for trade.

So far so good there has been no stress amonst the fish since I have added him and he ate frozen brine yesterday and frozen mysis today. He has also been grazing the rock work constantly. I just keep reading countless stories how they just stop eating.

Anyone kept one for a long time?
I've tried on two separate occasions, primarily because I had aiptasia outbreaks. Regretfully neither fish made it. They're beautiful, but the success rate of keeping them is very, VERY small.
I had a CBB for about 6 months was doing great! Then decided to stop eating i didnt notice till it was to late he would pick at it then spit it out. I had him on blood worms thats all he would eat never touched the brine shrimp. I know they are hard to keep but i might try again suck a nice addition to the tank. I did notice if i put the food in front of my power head it made him chase it and eat more. Good luck hope it works for ya
Thanks! I keep hearing the horror stories and I know abt them as well but that being said it is a gorgous fish so keeping fingers crossed.

I haven't tried blood worms yet that's tonights dinner so hopefully he eats just like the brine and mysis.
If yours already eating frozen brine shrimp you will be fine. I've keep one for as long as i had my tank up and running, that was about two year. But now i dont keep them anymore cause i want to keep my clams. Just keep him well fed and he'll be great. But say goodbye to all your feather duster, tube worms etc.
No feather dusters so that's good and yes he ate frozen brine the day I got him. He didn't eat any of the blood worms I tried today but I didn't feed many so maybe no got to him cuz he ate the brine I put on right afterwards.
I wouldn't worry about him not taking the bloodworm so as long as he's eating the frozen brine. Just make sure he not getting bullied by anything or you'll be back saying its dead. Good luck with the fish.
Thank you very much! Hope so. But no drama in tank at all right now. There hasn't even been a bad look sent his way since I put him in. Which is an excellant change since catching the two black and white monsters(damsels). With them anything I tried adding was a coin flip it sucked.
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