How to Speed up PWC with the Python

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May 4, 2011
Philadelphia, PA
I recently purchased the python and I think its fantastic. My only complaint is how long it takes to drain the water. I put the water collector in the tank and turned on the faucet. Its takes about 30 minutes or so to drain 50% of the water for my 65 Gal tank.

Is this normal?

Anybody know a way to speed up the process? I find myself getting bored waiting for it to drain and I start doing buckets along side it!
If your aquarium is above ground level you could drain it out a window. I have to run my python upstairs so I am happy with the time it takes to drain. Do you turn the faucet all the way on?
It depends on your water pressure, the height of the tank, etc. It takes me about 20min to drain 25gal. You can't really speed it up :p

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