I have had diatoms with perfect water parameters

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Jan 18, 2011
I have had diatoms with perfect water parameters for 2 months lights only on 6 hours a day no idea how to get rid of any help would be appreciated


I don't have anymore the anticipation is killing me im ready for some coral
just about the most important aspect with having corals is patience i didn't put my first coral in until about 6-7 months even then there can be major fluctuations in parameters. you sure can have an awesome set up very quick by rushing in to it but it wont last. Best thing to do right now is start planning which corals you want and then which corals you can have. Make sure you have the proper lighting and your tank is established or you will be the unhappy owner or either melting corals or white corals. GL you made it this far just wait some :)
Agree with the above, but one of the things that can help is increased flow. Are you using RO/DI water in the tank?
diatoms feed on the silicate in the water, in newly established systems the silicate is thre until the diatoms suck it all up
Def agree with Gti_Leo. RODI for everything from top off to mixing your salt water. Also if you already are using that do you have a CUC?
Also just by looking at your pics from above it seems like you have a lot of dead space based on the way you aquascaped and the the fact that theres only one powerhead to try and move water in, out and around all of that rock.
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