I think my angel is depressed

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Apr 12, 2024
Grand Rapids
Like she’s fine she’s eating. But she just seems almost mopey. I really am starting to wonder if maybe she’s lonely. She has lots of tank friends that are other types of fish and smaller but she doesn’t have anyone like her. Now I know you guys have all warned about putting another angel in at this stage of the game. I’m curious though, she does so well with my smaller fish and she’s docile maybe she could accept and tolerate another angel if I get it young enough? She’s never bullied anyone in the tank not even for food or territory. The mollies compete hard with her and she basically backs out of their way.
Has anyone ever had a similar experience or an experience where they did this and it actually worked out?
Also if I take this gamble how long do I need to hawk eye my tank for to make sure it works? And what are some of the signs they accept each other and could live together?
And is there a certain gender I should preference since she’s a female?
3 words: Don't do it. ;) Just because she is okay with all the small fish does not mean she will be okay with another of her same specie. Angels are not active swimming fish so not moving around is " normal" for the specie. If the fish is eating heartily, she is not mopey or having any issues you need to address. (y)
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