kalk and auto top off

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Mar 10, 2005
Maple Park, IL
I have a qestion about the kalk reactor. I have a auto topoff that is made by spectra pure. a solenoid shutts off water supply from my ro unit. Could I attach the kalk reactor to the output (pure) water line just befor it goes into the tank. tia
IMO you should not "dose" anything on autopilot, especially things that can throw off your pH or cause toxic effects. Best to do it manually so you can properly monitor it and let your top-off system operate on its own.
that is the problem I don't have time I want to have hard corals but somethimes I am not at my house for 2 or 3 days. I need a automated way of topping of water and adding calcium w/o spending 500+ on co2 reactor
Your ca levels shouldn’t change that drastically in 3 days with 100 gal total water volume. Dose on the higher end before leaving ie: 450 ppm ca and I would be shocked if it dropped past 380 ppm in just 3 days. You wouldn’t want to come back after 3+ days and have your ca 500+ with your ph at <7 and dead fish/inverts.

You could try a trial run for a couple of weeks monitoring daily to get the dose right but for long term I wouldn’t risk it personally. To many variables to go wrong.

As said by many people “good things happen slowly with sw and bad things happen quickly” If you don’t have the “time” for hard corals then maybe you shouldn’t get any.

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