Mag drive pump with metal screws for saltwater?

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Sep 21, 2004
Sacramento CA
I just purchased a Mag Drive 700 pump from

I intend to use it as my return pump for my reef tank. I noticed that the screws that hold the pump together appear to be made of metal. The picture of the pump on the website also shows metal screws, but the picture on the box shows black plastic screws. The description says that it is ideal for fresh and saltwater and that the fasteners are epoxy coated and won't rust. The pump would be submersed in saltwater since I am going to put it in the sump of my filter. I was always under the impression that you shouldn't have any type of metal under saltwater. Can anyone confirm that it is safe to submerse this mag pump under water?
It's safe. They are most likely using stainless steel screws. I have a mag9 in my sump for my ps and no problems with it in a year of use. Having lived at the shore for many years I am used to buying brass, aluminum, or stainless for all outdoor projects
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