Mag float or algae scrubber?

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Mar 31, 2008
  1. What works best for you?
I use both, i never thought my mag float worked too good, and the algae scrubber still leaves residue. anybody else use anything else?
Yep and then I wait about half a day or a day and do a PWC and clean out the filter.
believe me the mag float gets used alll day (little sister) thinks its cool that its just conencted though the tank lol.
I use the mag float for a quick job during the week. If it is heavy buildup I use the algae pad during water changes when I don't mind getting into the tank. If done frequently it should get to be too bad.
i use he algae scrubber but it leaves scum behind and it gets all heavy and filled with crud. then i do a water change and refill all the evaporated water. funn stufff
I use a mag almost daily and a Kent scraper at least once a week. They make both glass and acryllic scrapers. You can try rinsing the algea pad outside of the tank in some tank water every so often to remvoe the buildup before it floats around the tank.
I do the same as cmor - mag float daily, scraper weekly.

One thing though... if you keep your mag float attached to the glass and in the tank, it will end up growing algae on itself and as someone already noted, become more of an "algae smearing pad" versus an algae cleaning pad. Yeah... it's convenient, but ends up reducing its effectiveness.

I take my magnet cleaner out of the tank after each cleaning and dry it off. It's still almost as clean as the day I got it.
I just bought a Magfloat 5 days ago. Best 13 dollars I ever spent. Made my life easier and my tank view much more enjoyable.
i love hoe this thread is being talked in alot, didnt think it would. thanks for all the feedback guys! getting a razor scraper tonite!!
Warped1, please to not use a razor on an acrylic tank. They are for glass. There are scrapers for acrylic. Just in case you have an acrylic tank....
:n00b: Here is the newbie question of the day -- What the heck is a mag float - :confused:

its a magnet, one half goes on the inside of the tank and the other goes out the out and you move it around the tank to get algae off. =)
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acrylic is kinda like plexi glass right?...I deffinently have glass, ayay for razors. =)
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