maroon clown?

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Feb 28, 2011
I have a maroon clown 1.5-2 in I know that I can't get a pair of another type of clowns but can I get another maroon that is slightly larger then this one? And hope the pair up or will they likely fight to one dies?
Maybe more lr im really not sure on that but def enough.
Personally I would try and find a clown that's smaller not larger.

Remember the fish that's in your tank now will be the boss.
He has only been there for 2 or 3 weeks it came from a friends tank. My thought process was a little larger so he could have a fighting chance assuming they will fight in beginning.
If I went smaller I was thinking he may just get beaten to submission and just hide in the corner? But if people think smaller would have a better chance I would def try it.
Well it's up to you, I would always go smaller myself.

What happens if your fish is already female?

You add a larger fish that's also likely to be female, so then you end up with 2x females, they won't pair will they?

Better to go smaller to more or less guarantee it's still male.

See where I'm coming from?
I would think to add a bigger one so it has a chance. And also the dominant clown will.change genders to become female and the other will be male.
Correct the more dominant will become the female and less becomes male.
Has any one had sucess with sucessfully doing this?

Was also maybe thinking of hanging a breeder box or something like that and maybe leaving the new one in there for a couple weeks?
As long as they're both relatively small, in tank that size you should be okay I'd think: plenty of space/rock for them each to carve out some space for themselves...
I would be doing this in hopes they pair up not live on opposite sides of the tank.
Once I catch my remaining black and white damsel I will give it a shot. Prb gonna try with one slightly larger.
You need to get a smaller one for definite. A clownfish will never turn back to a male therefore there is a chance you could end up with two females. This will not end up with a good outcome. Better that you put a juvenile in so you know at least one is male. If your existing one is male then the biggest will turn female. I urge you to google this and research it as it will end up in a death! Happy new year! :)
There is no guarentee that the fish already there will be the "boss" or the aggressor.
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