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Nov 23, 2008
I am looking for a small, attractive looking heater for my ADA cube garden mini M. It is about a 5G tank.

I was hoping the CF fixture would keep the temp up, but it is hovering right around 72-73. Only looking to raise the temp a a couple of degrees. Need something small, and while it sounds stupid, keeping with the minimalist style of the ada stuff (clear glass with an internal coil would be awesome). The only mini heaters I have found are the ugly flat plastic hydor heaters. Any ideas?

Thanks all!
Some people have use pad heaters under the tank for small setups. That should be nice & unobtrusive. Or perhaps a substrate heater cable under the gravel. You'll prob need a separate temperature controller for these setups. I don't think they make anything less than 100W for the substrate cable so you'll need a good controller to turn the thing on & off.

Another idea is to hide the heater inside your filter ... depending on what you are using, you may have room to hide a small heater in the filter itself.

I use a 50W Aquaclear on my 5 ... it is glass, but definitely not small or good looking!
Interesting -- I will def. keep this in mind for the next time I do a major reconfig on my 29G.

Has anyone used the AZOO heaters? They make a 6" titanium that looks promising - very clean and compact.
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