Monster Tank Build #1

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May 8, 2024
Hello!! Matt with Arizona Fish Rescue Pendley's Plentiful Pets!!! I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my monsters tank. I previously owned a 1000g above ground pool and sadly over time it failed and caused a huge loss of monsters previously rescued the last 5 years.....I have been on the hunt for a new home for the few monsters I still have (arowana, pacu, iridescent sharks, tiger shovelnose, clown knife fish and more) And with great news I have been donated this 1000g hard shell stock tank!!!!! I'm currently in the process of resealing my DIY 55g drum filter that does 10,000 Gallons Per Hour!!!! Expect to see more posts in the future on how I built this with help of my friends/volunteers. Thx for the read!(plz don't judge my choice of sports teams or messiness!!)

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