My 125 is only 12" wide. No Metal Halide?

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How tall/long? Overkill depends on what you plan on keeping.
You would need 3 MH to light that tank.

What do you plan on keeping?
I know my 125 is 18 inches wide. According to this calculator it`s not 125 gallons according to the measurements you gave.

I agree you might not even need MH`s depending on what you have in your tank. What type corals are you going to have. Moving this to General Hardware and equipment discussion.
It was sold under the pretense that it was 125. I found out later it was smaller (110-115 or even a hundred). It was a custom built tank for some guy that owned a office and housed a Octopus in there. so I still refer to as a 125G. Sorry if that confused you. Well now that I know that I can fit some MH under the hood, I guess Ill go purchase them. TFTA.
How tall is the hood? I wouldnt go any closer than 6" to the water.
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