My 55 gallon reef build.

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i would leave the firefish alone. he might pull through. even if he dies it's not going to do much to the parameters. the crabs will eat what they can.
Some quick pics, running late I'll take better ones in the morning.


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It looks so much better with the added rock.


Yea Mr.X it is a slug, I've been feeding him the algae sheets, the same I feed the tang with and he seems to be doing good, Plus I really like his bright blue spots, hard to see in the picture though.
It looks like the California Sea Hare that I have. I've been supplmenting mine with excess macroalgae from my sump since it devoured all the problem growth I orginially had.
Yea Nick that is most likely what it is, the store called it a blue dot sea hare, and you know how they have all these different names for the same thing lol.

Yea Mr. X I've been putting some algae pieces throughout some spots in the tank hopefully he doesn't become to picky but if so I throw something else in there. And that coral tree is the one I was talking about in the messages, you think he will be fine with just water changes?
oh..that brown tree like thing? it's either a colt or a kenya tree...neither of which need supplemental feedings. that's definitely not dendronephthya
I love sea hares! I wish i had better success with them.

It's a kenya tree. Don't worry, It's like xenia; impossibly hardy.
Ok great, thanks I did'nt really want to have to put any supplement in the tank if I didn't have to.

Yea Flake, funny actually because I've been doing more work into the slug making sure it's been eating then anything else in the tank lol.
Wow, the color of your fish is astonishing!! Those beautiful

Great looking tank, I dont know much about salt water tanks but I do sell cameras and your camera must be top grade stuff. I think my fresh water tank could give you run for your money! Nice tank keep up the good work my friend...hope your slug makes it!:)
Ok so I went to a farmers coral even here in southern California and picked up some new things here are some pics....... I, got another hammer coral and it's hard to tell from the pic because the daylights are off but it is a nice purple and green the other hammer is the usual pinkish color and the first pic is some kind of snail that came along on a frag not sure what he is maybe you guys can tell me.


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Couple more pics....Also got some xenia but forgot to take a pic of it.:)


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Opps put the hammer twice :bulb: Found the xenia pic


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