My mom unplugged my tank

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Jul 10, 2024
My mom unplugged my filter and heater fir a day. A golden barb got stuck behind my filter. And the water looks really messy. My fish dont eat anymore. Is there anything i should worry about.


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I dont have the stuff to test the water. I cleaned about 2/3 of the water 2 days ago, should i still do a qater change.
If the heater went off for 24 hours, the water in the aquarium will drop to room temperature. As long as your room isnt too cold, 24 hours at room temperature shouldnt be a problem.

The filtration being off for 24 hours is another issue. No filtration means toxic ammonia will build up. Without a water test there is no way to know if it built up to toxic levels. The big water change should have lowered the levels of toxic waste, and getting the filtration back on should have processed out what remained. In addition, no filtration means no oxygenation. Thats a bigger concern, but all you can do is get things running again and see if things improve.

There is a possibility that without water circulation through your filter your cycle might have crashed and lost its ability to remove toxic waste. The big water change might have only been a temporary solution, and further water changes may be necessary until your cycle reestablishes. Again, without a water test there is no way knowing if you have a problem.

Most fish stores will test your water for you. So remove a cupful of water before you do your water change, and take the sample to the store. Some charge a fee, some will test for free. While you are at the store, a reliable test kit should be part of your stock of useful items to have on hand.

Until you get your water test, i would change 50% of the water every day, or at least until things improve. Keeping clean water is all you can really do to help your fish recover.
If your water is still that dirty I would check the filter. It does not look like it is doing its job. Did you just start it back up or clean it first? I agree you must test your water. How old is this tank? What is your normal maintenance routine for your tank and filter? What other fish do you have and what size tank is this? I would think a proper working and sized filter would have cleaned the water up in less than 24hrs. even 8 to 12 hrs.
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