Naso tangs keep dying :(

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Oct 5, 2006
Hi everyone,

Here is my fish list:

1) Blue Hanna Goby
2) Yellow tail Damsel
3) Two Ocellaris Clown Fish
4) Goby
5) Blue Tang
6) Fox face fish
7) Pink Bar Goby
8) Yellow Tang
9) 2 Fire fish
10) 4 Green Chromis
11) 2 Blue and Yellow damsels
12) Green Wrasse
13) Naso Tang
14) Mandarin Goby
15) Night Watch Goby

So 2 adult Naso Tangs and a baby Naso Tang later I'm baffled. All three died. I REALLY like the Naso tang, see NO reason why its dieing.

Woke up this morning saw this baby one chilling under rock; no biggie had a dr appt came back 2 hrs later he's still there
had a bad feeling called my fiance an hour ago; she watched him for a bit
said he suddenly stopped moving. Said he's turning white appears dead.

SAME thing happened to the other two. My ammonia/nitrite/nitrate are 0; I do weekly water changes; tanks been established about 2 months now; I have a sump with Chaeto, Protein skimmer, bio balls and live rock.

All corals and fish are healthy, something about the naso tang in particular I can't keep them alive.

What am I missing? They get a nice assortment of flakes, cubed frozen fish food mixes, live brine shrimp to eat.
tank is way too new for that amount of fish,

Could you elaborate please? Too new how? Is there a parameter I should be checking that I'm not? I thought so long as the tank can support the bio load its fine?

When my first naso died I monitored params every day then every 2 then back to once a week and there were no spikes in ammonia or nitrites or even nitrates. Everything stayed pretty level.
when you over load your tank with fish the beneficial bacteria cant keep up with the bio load,what test kits are you using?
you already have one naso in there? your trying to add another?

No, I had one, it died, bought another it died, tested like crazy watched my tank for hours, seemed fine, woke up was dead.

Bought a baby thinking maybe ones not acclimating well fiance watched him (from a distance so as to not give it a heart attack) and he was hiding then just stopped breathing.
for me this is just WAY to overloaded, sorry
I have a 120g tank and only plan on 12 fish and I still feel thats pushing it
you have like 21 fish in there
I read that an adult needs AT LEAST a 120g - 135g tank. Thats MINIMUM requirement. Add that plus overstocking and you have a stressed out fish

I would either reduce your stocking list by half, or get a WAY larger tank
too high,plus naso tangs can reach 36" in length.Also how are you acclimating them?

Drip acclimation. This last one was only 3" wide and was in there for 3 days.

How do I bring my alkalinity down? My Calcium is also a little high. I use reef crystals salt mix. Both have always been a little high and never seem to go down.

Any thoughts?
are you using ro/di water or treated tap water?

Ro/DI water, and acclimating the fish for 30 minutes drip; about 5 seconds in between drips.

I take the bag, put it in the sump clip the bag to side of sump so it doesn't spill over and drip a line down into it for 30 mins then move the fish to a net, and put the fish in the water.

All other fish have been fine but the naso tang in particular will NOT stay alive. I'm betting its something with the DKH/Calcium being a little high.

Please keep the questions coming; I'd love to fix any errors in my tank before more die.
I'm also running a phosphate removing bag and carbon bag in my sump with my chaeto for what thats worth
Me personally, I acclimate for over an hour. Especially tangs. They are so darn prone to stress and then I turn off the lights.
How's your pH? With that amount of fish the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water may be way low.

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