New Here! Had a q regarding my goldie!

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Jun 12, 2024
United Kingdom
Hi All!!

Hope everyone is well!

I had a question regarding my gold fish, I noticed something white on the side of my goldfish skin, now honestly speaking im unsure if its just its colour, but I cant for the life of me remember if its been there before honestly i feel so daft!! Iv looked through hundreds of its videos but when taking pics from outside a tank so hard sometimes so fuzzy!

Il attach a picture below iv zoomed in loads, try and get a decent picture! Please can someone tell me if its a infection or what?

I absolutely adore my 3 gold fish, iv recently only got them so its like i have no idea if i need to treat it or something but the goldie is doing fine playing not worrying behaviour! All of them are doing well together! Just the white thing!

thanks in advance
Please take a read through the "Unhealthy Fish" sticky and go through all the questions and give as much detail as you are able. If you are unable to answer a question, say you don't know.

A photo would be helpful.
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