New light acclimation period

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Feb 17, 2003
Belle Mead, NJ
I finally upgraded my lights. I'm getting the Coralife Aqualight Pro HQI with 3-150w 10k MH and 4-96w PC actinics.
I currently have 2 Coralife fixtures with a 92w-10k and 92w-03 actinic in each.
My lights are on from 1pm - 11 pm for the actinics and 2-10 pm for the 10k PCs.

I have an closed brain, open brain ,a candy cane some leathers and shrooms currently in the tank.

I have some screen material to mask the tank top with 3-4 layers of material.

My question is how long do I leave each layer on before removing one?

This is assuming the same photo period for the MH but an increase of a couple of hours for the actinics?

OK, I finally got the light and bulbs shipped separately so no broken bulbs this time. I put the light on the tank last night.

Am I better not screening the tank and using just the actinics for the full photo period and start slowly adding the MH lights. If so, how long should I start with the MH, 1hr/day, 2hr/day? And how often should I bump that up by a half-hour?

If using the screen material is better then my question remains. How long should a layer be on before removing it? 2-3 days, a week?
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