New member and new Oceanic Wave 95 gal reef tank

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Jun 27, 2006
Louisville, KY
Hi everyone! This is my first aquarium setup. It's an Oceanic 95 gallon tank with an Aqua Medic HQI+T5 combination light. Right now I've got a Powder Blue Tang and a Yellow Tang in the tank but I'll be adding more in about a week. Here is my tank so far with just the live rock and tangs.


Welcome to AA! Looks like a cute tank you got started ^^ Definately keep us update on it, I would love to see how you develop the tank.
Hi and welcome Palisaide! I also am a new member to this site. Your tank set up looks A-1! I especially love the large amount of live rock. Your salts will love that. I've had a 90 gallon set up for several years. I kept salts for about 4 years until a 2 week ice storm claimed my 3 friends. I kept a niger trigger, a dog face puffer and a snowflake eel. I've kept freshwater since. Currently I have a 7 month set up with 7 angels, 6 green severums and 5 cory cats. they are thriving but I'm hoping the severums stay tolerant of my angels! Again welcome!
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