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Aug 12, 2012
Hello everyone my name is Brian. New member, but I have been lurking around reading and researching through these forums for around a year now. Not too much of a forum person, but I decided I should quit reading and start posting on here more often. Looking to further expand my knowledge of fish keeping and work on some new projects.

I am pretty new when it comes to the hobby. The tank I have now has been set up and running for almost a year and it is still my only tank to date. I wanted to start off with something manageable so I got a 20g High. Looking back I should have gone with a 20g long, but then I also think that if I went with that I might as well have gone with a 29g haha. I have an empty 10 gallon sitting around, not sure what I want to do with it yet.

Anyways the basics of my tank are:
Play Sand substrate
Live Plants (Amazon swords, crypts, wisteria, watersprite)
Medium sized piece of driftwood
T8 6500k bulb
Aqauclear 30 Filter

1 Bolivian Ram (Tyson) - Was with a group of 3 other male rams at Petsmart and he was getting bullied the worst, so I took him home with me :).
5 Von Rio Tetras
4 Julii Cory
2 Otos - thought these guys were dead for the longest and saw both of them out a couple days ago. They seem to hang out in my cave all the time.

And a couple pictures, sorry for the cell phone quality.


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I see the water sprite dominating in the background lol

If I were you I would set the ten gallon up as a QT/hospital tank.

One of the biggest fish keeping mistakes is introducing new fish directly to the display tank. By doing so you run the risk of introducing diseases into the display tank and therefore are forced to treat that tank whether by medications or other means. Also the possibility of losing some of your favorite fish.

This is a lesson I learned the hardway and I'm now a big advocate of QT.

Nice tank by the way!
Thanks for the kind words guys.

I definitely think I will be using the 10g for a QT tank. It just doesn't make any sense not to.
Welcome to Aquarium Advice, I love the tank and fish! :-D

I have four False Juliis myself. :)
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