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Jun 25, 2017
Hello, fellow fishkeepers. :fish2:
I'm still pretty new to the hobby. Actually, it hasn't yet been a full year since I got my first tank. I love animals, especially fish. And have loved every second of this hobby thus far.
I have a 10 gallon community tank which was my first that I set up back in September of 2016. I'm hoping to make it into a planted tank, as well. (I just haven't had much luck with aquatic plants...) And I have a 36 gallon goldfish tank that I set up at the end of November of 2016.
When I was first starting up my tanks, I browsed the forums here a lot to figure basic things out but now I really want to expand on what I have so I have a lot of specific questions that I hope to get answered to make my tanks the best they can be for my fish!
These are my two tanks. 36 on the top and 10 gallon on the bottom. The pictures are a few months old now but they still look similar, save for the 10 gallon that I switch up with decorations quite a bit.


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