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Northern Flamingo

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Jul 9, 2024
New York
My husband has recently decided to set up a fish tank at our home, its something our kids are interested in and he wants to do this with them.... somehow I got tasked with all the research.

The tank is in the set up stage of cycling, I am at the stage of simply researching what fish to stock our tank with. It is a 20 Gal Long tank and below is what I was thinking but I would love feedback, I would like to have a community vibe. I grew up with A LOT of pets (40+ at one time of lizards, snakes, turtles, cats, dogs, birds etc) so I am not ignorant to the responsibilities of pet ownership and understand the commitment involved but fish was never something we go into unless, they were boring to my brother and I growing up 😆

Peacock Gudgeon Qt 2
Tetra Qt 6-7
Honey Gourami Qt 2-3
Guppy Qt 3-4
Maybe a couple snails?
Depending on what Tetras you get there could be a problem with mixing them with Guppies. If you do decide to go with Guppies, I suggest getting all males as pairs of Guppies are notorious for overpopulating any fish tank. ( The males are also the more colorful so there's no downside to males only past the no babies part. ;) )
Snails should be quarantined separately from the fish as many are known to be intermediate hosts for parasites.
Regarding the honey gourami, there is a virus many of the dwarf Gourami species carry. There is no cure for it should the virus activate in the fish so should they get sick, they will need to be euthanized so they don't infect the other fish. If you are new to fish keeping, I wouldn't suggest keeping any of the dwarf gourami species.

Hope this helps. (y)
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