New to the hobby - stocking question

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Jul 5, 2024
I’m new to the hobby however I did maintain my wife’s classroom aquarium.
I thinking of establishing a 75 gallon tank. Will the following stocking plan work?(one of each fish):

Electric blue jack dempsey
Blue acara
Philippine blue angelfish
Polar blue parrot (for my wife)
Depends on the type of Geophagus you are talking about. Some get very large and some get aggressive. Some do not do well as a single fish. They do better in schools of 4-6 fish or more. I would also consider not getting the Jack Dempsey with this mix or not getting the Angelfish. Angelfish can be timid with the other fish being more aggressive feeders and Jack Dempseys can be really aggressive so if you go with one, put it in the tank last so the other fish are more established. You will need a lot of rockwork and caves for the other fish as well. (y) ( This is the problem with keeping multiple species of cichlids together. There are a lot of caveats to it. )
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