Nitrite went away but ammonia stayed

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May 24, 2024
Kansas Coty
My tank has been cycling for a while. Recently, my nitrite went to zero, but my ammonia went around 1.0 ppm. I have no nitrates. What could the cause of this be?
Im not sure what the issue is. You are cycling an aquarium. What are you expecting to see? The water test parameters are just a snap shot in time. What have you been seeing in your regular testing up to these test results.

We need to go back to this thread and some of the questions asked that was never answered.

Do you know how to cycle a tank?

Ammonia rising and falling, nitrite appearing and disappearing are all part of what you would expect to see when cycling a tank. You mention small, infrequent water changes that probably arent enough when you are cycling a tank. Allowing ammonia to get to 1ppm suggests this water change schedule isnt enough.

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