Office Tank, who has one???

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Sep 24, 2003
Wilmington, North Carolina
I am thinking about setting up a nano in my office. I already have the tank collecting dust in my garage and the local college marine science department is doing a study on clowns so I can get those for the tank. Just wondering who else keeps a tank at home and at work? :wink:
I am starting a 12 gallon Nano in my Finance office as we speak. Can't wait to have it finished.
I have thought about putting one in my office at work. The only thing keeping me from it is the hassel of maintanence. I would need to bring the water and equipment from home to do it. Not to mention having RO/DI water on hand for top-offs. And feeding...I mix a good variety of frozen food and suppliments when I feed so that would be a pain at work as well. It sure would be nice to look at though!
Thanks for the link! I think I will set everything up next week and let it sit for a few days before transferring any of the live rock from my home tank. Now all I have to so is figure out what all I am going to put in there. Im thinking just clowns and maybe a sponge and gorgonian. hmmmmm too many options!!
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