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Jun 3, 2024
We had really bad green water in our tank that couldn't get control of. Lost half the fish. Of the survivors (for now) are 2 plecos. We didn't have any green water or algae issues until we started using the algae wafers for the plecos. Could this have contributed? We ended up doing a total water change and I want to feed the plecos but it makes me a little hesitant now.
Unfortunately, Plecostomus are like ammonia producing machines due to how much they eat and how much they poo. It makes little sense to have them if you are not going to feed them correctly but feeding them correctly means doing routine water changes often and staying on top of having good filtering of the water. Per the wafers being the problem, they may be because they are offering the plecos more food that you were feeding in the past. The main key is making sure your pleco(s) have enough food and dealing with what that takes. (y)
Mine loves fluval Bug Bites even the med. to lg. are on the small side. Also fresh vegies raw or boiled shrimp. I just got this neat little tool to cut down on waste it makes it easy to remove the uneaten food in 24 hours so as not to pollute the water. There is a short video on how to use it
I have never had green water or algae have not cleaned my glass on the inside and have crystal clear water but my tank is only about 6 months old. The led light runs 6 hours a day with very little if any sunlight. I try my best NOT to over feed and do 50% water changes per 7-10 days. I'm no expert but I would look at to much light or over feeding. That is where that tool will come in handy to much food is never a good thing. I have to watch my Oscar if fed to fast or to much it goes right through his gills but the Pleco is there to the recue. But even little fish will do this. So watch your food and light
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