Pregnant platy and fish identity

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Feb 8, 2012
Hello, I'm new to this hobby and just acquired some fish and a tank, and the tank was already stocked, but can anyone tell me if this platy is pregnant? And the little red fish, can anyone help me identify it? Looking on web I think it might be a cherry barb?? Any help please? Sorry for rubbish pic! Didn't realise how hard it is to take pic of fish lol!!!


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your platy might be pregnant because you can see the dark shaded spot on the stomach but the funny thing with platys is that a lot of them usually have that spot...I've had a male that had that spot...if it gets darker or her stomach gets more plumped looking then she is deff pregnant...hope this helps
Thank you for your help, that's why I thought she was pregnant with the dark spot, but didn't know if that was there as she's pretty see-through! Lol! I've got a lot to learn. I'll keep an eye on her.
lol no problem...we all start somewhere in this hobby...the fish in the link that I sent you does that look like the fish you have???
It looks like the same shape. But it's more of a red/orange colour with a slight black marking on its side and head, I'll try get a better pic.


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You can see the black marking on his head more on this pic. Not sure if that's supposed to be there or if there's something wrong with it? Also can you tell If it's male or female from the pics??


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I just googled pics of cheery barbs and rose barbs...your fish looks more to be on the rose barb side rather then a cherry barb...the cherry barbs don't have a black dot marking on them...the cherrys have a black line on there body...I'm pretty sure that's a rose...and I wouldn't worry about the black marking on the sometimes just develop markings in odd places...nothing to worry about
Thank you very much, that's very helpful. Ive read the link you sent me about the rose barb so now I can prepare myself, lol! And not sure still about my platy being pregnant but tonight we got baby fish swimming about but looking at them they look like baby Molly's as there all black and they seem to be bit big if they are the platys fry, and we do have a black female Molly but didn't realise she was even pregnant since she only small herself compared to our silver Molly's. It's all going off in this tank at minute! We are totally un-prepared since we inherited this tank from someone who died so got it bit unexpectedly
Sorry for your loss. Make sure you read up on raising fry. Btw that black spot could be ammonia burn my goldie had that. If there are black markings randomly that's probably what it is. Make sure your fish are in a right sized tank and check ammonia levels or atleast change out about 15% of the water weekly until the fish heals. 20% atleast if tank is too small
your welcome and I understand...just let nature take its course...whoever survives survives...whoever doesn't doesn' mollies and platys take refuge in between spaces in the gravel so hopefully more survive then less...good luck
was that really called for 118?...and how you know what size tank he has???...smh
Haha I'm not being mean any tank is small compared to "nature" i don't think he's being cruel I just wanted to correct it's not really "nature taking it's course" if te fry have no chance. Sometimes a few survive sometimes they don't. Sorry didn't mean to be harsh at all
Looks like a male cherry barb to me, could be a rose. Any more pics of it? As for the platy looks for a dark gravid spot near the anal fin and for the abdomen to square off.
Thanks for all your advice! The tank was a state when I first acquired it but after several PWC and using the API master testing kit we have got there. 0ppm ammonia 0ppm NO2 and 20ppm NO3. I've seen 6 fry but the little things are hard to count, there super fast swimmers!! But will take good care of them lol! My son has a small tank that's just finished cycling so if need be I can put them in there?! But doubt I'd be able to catch them lol!!
My barb has got a slight black stripe across its side so would that mean he Is a cherry barb?! I can't capture it on the pics! Also I got a 120L tank so not huge but I'm becoming more fascinated in the hobby and will probably invest in bigger tank soon. I've still got my L plates on at mo! Lol

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