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Nov 22, 2003
Long Island NY
I have been cycling my tank for a couple of weeks now. I want to start using my skimmer. I tried setting it up and ran into a problem. It is just sucking up water and it started to overflow out of collection cup. I turned it off then I tried again and adjusted the flow regulator. I almost have to turn it off and it becomes very noisy. I must be doing something wrong.

I tried it a third time and I think I have it working. It is producing foam but it is not going into collection cup. I think that it's working right. The tank is only been going for 2 weeks. When there is something to collect then it should go into the collection cup. It is pretty quiet now. Does this sound right or am I doing something wrong?
I have one of these skimmers. They are very noisey and have to be adjusted all the time. I HATE THIS SKIMMER. There isn't really anyting I can do about it now. Except buy another one. Mine has been set-up for about 5mons. It either isn't producing any skim mate or over running. I find that if you take the whole thing off and rinse out about every 2 weeks it works better. Let me know if you have better luck
Just an update. I am getting a yellow skim mate. It is not that noisy anymore. I guess I am lucky so far.
I have this skimmer and I think it does a fine job. The main thing is that you have to clean it atleast 2x a month for it to keep working.

I think I am going to drill a hole in the bottom of the collection cup and run some tubing into a 2 litre soda bottle so I can skimm a little more wet without the cup overflowing.
yes i have this exact skimmer on my soon to be old 55g aquarium it works good to me

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