Sump (Biowheels)- Refugium- HELP!!!

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Nov 22, 2008
Rochester, NY
I currently have a marineland high capacity sump. I was wondering if the biowheels that come with the sump is good or bad for the tank. I dont know if I should remove the bio wheels one at a time since I dont want to cause any spikes. I have over 220 lbs of LR so I dont know if the bio wheels are needed or if removing them instantly will hurt the tank. My Nitrates have been at a constant 20 and I think this may be due to the wheels holding alot of waste. I have been debating how I could add a refugium. I dont believe the sump I have now would give me the option of adding a refugium or maybe Im wrong. If anyone has advice on what I should do or how i could incorporate a refugium that would be greatly appreciated.
You can slowly remove them, but I wouldn't blame your nitrate level on them. I used bioballs in my wet/dry for over 15 yrs and never had any nitrate issues.
Can you post a pic of your sump? That might help with ideas on getting a fuge in it.

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