For Sale: SWEET fish and invertebrates 11/10/2011

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We'll do you have any CPO juvie packs? And will they be able to go into a 10 gallon community tank with some tetras and livebearers?
I believe we're out of the juvies for the moment. I wouldn't keep juvies with LBs as they would likely be expensive snacks.
what could i put CPOs with if not LB, I heard they were one of the best type of crays not like the regular ones that eat fish for a meal :eek:
Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome fish. Got them yesterday, all 17 of them are happily swimming around. They all ate rather aggressively last night before I went to bed. It is quite a sight to see 11 Diamond tetras darting up for flakes - talk about active! The cories are doing good, all of them were nibbling on some shrimp pellets late last night.
Do you have enough rcs to ship 10?

We should by the time we resume shipping.

How much for shipping to 89429. I'm interested in 2 yellow rainbows.

Shipping would be $14 including a 72 hr heat pack.

How much is shipping 3 or 4 CPOs to 38261 Tennessee.

Shipping would be $9 including a 72 hr heat pack.

Do you have 4 assassin snails? How much to ship them to 46103?

Shipping would be $8 including a 72 hr heat pack.

We won't be shipping anything until 1/2/12 due to the insanity in the postal service this time of year.
By any chance do to have any more shrimp? Like the tiger? Or any shimp at all. Do shrimp need moss? Thanks!!
We have tiger, amanos, malaya, and a few straggler c. propinqua & red nosed.
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