Tank Re-design, need help with light and plants

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Aug 6, 2015
Hello all,
Few weeks ago I made a thread here asking for advice because I had an aggressive Siamese algae eater that had outgrown my 12 gallon tank. Sadly my Siamese died 4 days ago, and now that I have no fish I want to do a major redesign on my tank.

My tank is a fluval edge 12 gallon, with about 2 inches of Eco complete substrate. A Fluval 30g Aquaclear filter and a Finnex FugeRay LED light (4 Blue LEDs, 32 White LEDs, 4 total Watts, 7000k + Moonlights)

I don't know much abut lightning, so I want to know if this light is appropriate for my tank. I know there are low lights and high light plants, but I dont know if my setup is considered low or high. I also don't have any CO2 and would like to stay away from it if possible. What I do know is that some of my plants are doing good (See image 1-Java fern) while some are getting yellowish, melting and not growing (See image 2-unknown plant). Also notice that some of the leaves closer to the center of the tank are turning black on top side but not the bottom (see image-3) Not sure if this is algae or they are getting burn or something??.

Another thing to consider is that because of the fluval design, my light sits on top of the glass (See image-4) sometimes I place it on top of the hood, since it has a see through mesh, or sometimes I just remove the hood completely and place it there, but have no idea if this make a difference.

So I guess my question is what do you think of my set up? And what kinds of plants should I keep.

Thank you all, any advice is appreciated.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
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