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Airborne 82nd

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Apr 16, 2024
Mount Olive NC
After doing things wrong at first I read everything I could find from both of you and I am so glad I did. Both my fish ( Oscar and Pleco) are doing great doubled in size in the last 4 to 5 weeks. I used Doc Tims at first with the BB in a bottle crap. Then went to fish food and raw shrimp then nothing but Doc Tims. I think what really worked was just Doc Tims 2ppm for food along with father time Jan. to end of April. Both fish were two to three inches when bought in late April so it looks like I had more than enough bb by the time I put them in. I never had any spikes and nitrates slowly came up. I checked my water so much I swear I could taste it and tell you the ph ammonia nitrite nitrates gh kh temp. It got to the point when my wife wanted a glass of water I said let me check that for you honey. I started to say I know you guys must get tired of answering the same things so much. BUT I don't think you do. Both of you love what you do it shows and I and I am sure others thank you.
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