To cannister or not to cannister...

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should i get a cannister filter???

  • Yes!(state what type of cannister in post)

    Votes: 16 72.7%
  • No!(state why in post)

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • Use another type of filtration!(state in post)

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I know exactly what you are saying nano, I add phs for surface ripple, because the filters don't put out enough for surface agitation. I must say, mr FX5 cranks it out in mt 125, but I also use 2 hydors 4 as well.
Canisters don't discharge str8 down in the tank as HOB's do. Cans are more analogous to a sump/pump return shooting the water horizontally or widely dispersed using a spray bar.
Personally I think you'd have enough flow w/ the can and the 2 koriala 3's. I'd put the purigen in the can (if you're going to run it constantly) and save the HOB to slap on the back when I want to add a micro filter to polish the water or run some type of media in a one off fashion. That's what I do for my SW. For my 30G fresh I just run a 404 and nothing else and a tiny HOB for a one-off media run.
well its a split hob and im thinking ill use it for various things as they happen with the tank but later on when there are less "unique" sichuations itll be purigen devoted or maybe ill convert it to a fuge of some sort as discussed on another thread recently.
and on an off topic note, couldnt i make the tank into a non photosynthetic reef type thing? a nice big tube nem(only 1 due to lion sting chances), some sun corals, and some giant dusters?

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