For Sale: two 24" Full Hoods

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Okay. Since they said to allow a few dollars difference for the weight of the box and packing materials do you want to send a few dollars more (for example, they said roughly 25 dollars, send 28 dollars). That way it would prevent having to owe if what they estimated wasn't enough, and if any if leftover I'll mail back to you with a copy of the receipt.

If that's fine, I'll go ahead and PM you my name and address to send a money order out for shipping/hoods.
Darn, missed out on that one.

I'm in Richmond.. looking for a hood/light assembly for a 125 long and a 55 std. Or do I have to make them?.. Bill
Okay, thanks!

I'll let you know when I receive it and will mail it the same day.
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