wet/dry filter vs penguin HOB filter

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Jun 15, 2003
So, my mom broke down her 40 gal hex reef tank and is getting rid of the tank.

so i swiped it.. I get the RO filter, the protein skimmer, the wet dry filter setup, this awesome light setup..


Im not going saltwater (yet.) So im going to make this into a FW puffer tank.
but my question is, should i stick with the wet/dry filter system with the tank, or should i get some penguin filters to hang on the tank?

pros and cons of each filter system?
The Penguins are wet/dry filters; wet/dry filters are filters which expose the bacterial colonies to the oxygen in the air yet keeps them moist.

That being said, if you can clean and disinfect the filter system, makes sense to keep what you have instead of having to buy new. The only thing is, if I'm correct, the SW wet/dry filter won't agitate the surface the way a HOB will; you may need an airstone and pump.
*slaps forehead*

I feel like an idiot.

the filter im getting goes underneath the tank and has bio balls and a pump and so on..

im exhausted from work so dont mind my great use of technical words.

Ask me what I had for breakfast LOL And you think you're bad.
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