What's the best way to put fish to sleep, that are dying?

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Jul 17, 2010
I have a glo fish that was sick, been that way for a few months. I decided to scoop up the fish with a plastic cup and then stuck in the freezer. I have to buy Vodka so I have something for fish that are dying. Is putting fish on freezer is ok to do? I do not know if fish was in pain. I thought i was doing the right thing, but I will take suggestions.
I also used some tank water, before I added sick fish to freezer.
Dont put fish in the freezer. Its a slow death and very stressful. Its much better to get a bowl of water, loads of ice, when the water is icy cold then drop the fish into the really cold water. The sudden shock of the rapid drop in temperature will kill the fish pretty quickly, and then put the bowl in the freezer to make sure.

Another way available to most people is boil some water, then drop the fish in the boiling water. Again dont put the fish into water and then boil it. Boil the water first then add the fish.

Blunt force is a good option. Wrap the fish in some paper then hit it with a hammer. Thats pretty quick.

Clove oil is very common and is probably the most humane method.

There is also this thread.

I feel so bad, that I put my fish in the freezer. I cried. I did not mean for it to be that way. I thought it was a fast death. Wont happen again. thanks for the links and your fast reply.
Honestly, blunt force is my "go to" method of euthanasia but PETA recommends the boiling water method. The best way tho is whatever method you can handle and which has the quickest result. For what it's worth, no fish has ever complained to me about what method I've used. :whistle:
I always do an ice bath. I’m still getting comfortable with culling and taking out of their misery. My first option would be clove oil but I have no other use for clove oil and I have ice and water for free at my place. It’s quick and they don’t struggle. I’ve had a couple that even jumped out of the net happily into the ice water bowl.
That is the idea not to suffer. I live on a farm when my dogs time has comeI take them to the vet if he says its time I get him to give them a pain shot and bring them home I'm not going to get someone else to do it.
I’m not going to have it in me to put my dog down myself, I’ll happily pay someone to do that. And I’ll also happily pay someone to stuff her so I can keep her forever lol, not lying.
i mean its quick 🤷‍♀️
The object is for it to be quick and permanent. Hammer, Shotgun, machine gun, guillotine, 2 x 4, hot water, concrete block, hard bottomed shoes, etc. all work when you have the stomach for it. You have to take " suffering" out of the equation because if you are contemplating euthanasia, the animal is already suffering. Death is all that will relieve that suffering. The faster the better.
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