When is a Corydora NOT a Corydora?

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Andy Sager

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Jul 2, 2011
Lake Wales, Florida
Oliver Lucanus, renown author, wildlife photographer, Ichthyologist, tropical fish importer/ exporter/ wholesaler, world traveler, ( I think you get the gist) of the company Below Water has just posted a new video explaining that the plethora of what were called Corydora catfish have been separated into 7 new ( old actually) genera and many of the Corydoras we commonly keep are no longer considered Corydoras. ( There are only 32 species of Corydora now and the majority of them we don't have. The list is in the comments section of the video. ) Here's a link to the video:
Time to start getting used to not calling every "Corydora" catfish a Corydora. ;)
I highly recommend subscribing to his youtube channel to see remarkable videos of the fish we keep in their natural habitats. I had the pleasure of meeting Oliver at a get together when I visited another fish enthusiast/ author and breeder friend, with my friend Bruce, at his house in Montreal Canada in 2019. 1720136488808.png From my left to right is our host Gary Elson, Hans Georg Evers ( former editor of Amazonas Magazine), Oliver Lucanus, Bruce Brande ( my buddy with over 50 years of fish keeping and fish business experience), David Banks ( Tropical Fish Club of Burlington, Vermont) and the goofy guy in front is me ( crouching so I don't block out Oliver. ) That's over 300 years of fish keeping experience in this picture. :D I only wish I had recorded all the stories that were told that night. ;)
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