Which is better, Breeder's net, or breeder's box?

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Jan 25, 2012
the title says all. ihave a 55 with platies guppys and mollies. i have breeding structure in the tank (one male for every two -3 female, plants for the fry to hide) i was wondering what would be better, or if either is worth using seeing as it stresses the females out, also is it pausible to put a male and a female in either one of the breeder things and try to get the traits that the male and female have to come out in the fry? how would i know if she hasent stored sperm from another male that dosent have the trait i want?:thanks:
A net allows for better water glow but sometimes they can come with a divider which is handy to stop the parent eating the fry. I personally just densely plant the tank and let the fry hide!

Also, a female will store sperm for around three month or three/four batches of fry so it would be impractical to keep a male and female in a box for that long to ensure you selectively bred them. Best way for this is a separate dedicated tank and leave the female in until she no longer carries the previous sperm then move in the desired male.

That make sense!?
I have had great success with the fish breeder net with my frys to separate from the other fish. All 41 frys are still living.
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