Worms & Weird Tank Discovery (NEED IDS)

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Feb 10, 2011
During my latest water change i noticed a few small white/transparent worms too tiny to photograph. I have not added anything new to my tank in 4 months and when i do i use iodine based coral dips. Additionally, when i started my tank over a year ago i used both dry rock and dry sand. Anyone have any clues as to what this worm could be and is it harmful? However, my second discovery can be photographed and i am hoping it is not Aiptasia.


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the small white worms are prolly sand worms and are not harmful in my experience. Your second does not look like aptasia, aptasia looks like a brown anem most times
yeah i figured it was a pineapple sponge. As for the worms i am still researching them.
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