Aggressive red wag tail platy fish

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Apr 12, 2024
Grand Rapids

I posted this to YouTube. I had to take this one out several days ago because I watched him going after another one of my platies. Prior to that I had removed a platy that was in fear and I couldn’t figure out why. Now the fearful one is back in the community tank doing great. But I’ve got this red platy whose aggressive. I wanted to test out my theory so I’ve been putting in a floating mirror and he attacks it. I don’t think he’s just doing this out of sexual dominance or frustration I think he’s just an aggressive fish. But I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions.
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Oh my goodness sorry lol it’s public now haha

The video really does no justice it seems like every time I go to record it it either stops or gets a little less aggressive so I was able to capture a little bit of it in the video but it’s definitely more than what you see here.
Somewhere in my archives I have a video of a male Koi Swordtail beating the snot out of the other males in the tank. I took notice of this when I delivered 3 trios of them to a store and 2 of the males were DOA. The survivor must have been #2 in the hierarchy. Platies and swordtails are closely related ( all red swordtails have platy genetics in them) so it's not that unusual that your male was being an A**hole. ;)
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