Issues with Pre-Filter Sponge on a Canister Filter

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Jun 9, 2024
I am have a Aqueon Quietflow canister filter (200gph). I attached a pre filter sponge to the intake line for the shrimp safety.

I noticed when using the pre filter sponge, my output flow decreases significantly. I brought my pre filter sponge off Amazon. Should I be using some more specific for the aqueos canister filter or is there another way to increase my flow without the sponge and prevent the shrimp from getting sucked up.
I'd either buy an Aqueon brand sponge or wrap the intake with large pore filter pads to get better flow. Sadly, no matter what you use, you are going to lose flow rate. You just don't want anything too thick to restrict too much flow. Truthfully, with shrimp, you are better off with sponge filters than any other type of filtration. Even if you have to use 2 or 3 sponge filters ( depending on the size of the aquarium and stock ) Shrimps cannot get sucked into a sponge filter. ;) (y)
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