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Mar 17, 2022
Im not sure whats going on but am waiting on more test strips but my male platy keeps chasing my what looks to be female tuxedo platy and she swims so fast to get away any ideas i would post a video but not able to on here and pic wont help
49a3af40-a419-4999-b92c-345dac03d5c0.jpg so this is the tuxedo (gemini) my platy (azazel) keeps chasing
Its pretty much as good a guarantee you can get with aquariums. If you have male and female livebearers in a tank, they will breed. Live young are far more likely to survive than eggs/fry from egg laying fish. Those babies will breed, their young will breed too.

Im sure you can see where this is going.
Yes looks im looking for a bigger tank lol

So would you say my tuxedo looks female then
Oh, watching my platies get into the whole breeding scene was something else! It's like suddenly my tank turned into a high-speed chase movie. The males? They're all in, zooming around after the females, trying their hardest to impress. It’s kind of funny, actually – they're so determined, flaring their fins and doing their best fishy flirtations.

And the females? They play it so cool, darting off and making the guys really put in the effort. It’s like watching a playful game of tag, but underwater and with way more flirting. Witnessing this whole dance unfold was not just entertaining but super interesting. It’s a little peek into their world, seeing how they interact and go about their day. Totally adds another layer of fun to having these guys around!
If you want this article about tuxedo platies could also be helpful.

In any case good luck with the fry :)
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