Uneven surface - top of wire shelf

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May 31, 2023
Hey guys - I'm trying to set a rimless ~10 gallon bow front tank on the top shelf of a wire rack. The rack has very high weight tolerance (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075TJ7955?). So that isn't going to be a problem. The problem is that the tank extends across the entire shelf, including the posts, which makes for a very uneven surface. I'm pretty sure a rimless can't just rest on the corners as shown. And I don't think placing a foam pad underneath will be adequate. My best idea is to just put a 3/4" piece of plywood on top of the four corners and expect it hold up to bowing in the middle. Thoughts and ideas?


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The plywood might be your best bet. Get the thickest you can so that there won't be much movement from the weight of the tank. I do suggest using styrofoam under the tank/over the plywood to help compensate for any slight movements. (y)
All glass rimless tanks should have 3/4” plywood under them with the neoprene mat to smooth out any imperfections.
Use two sheets one thinner to fill the gap that would fit inside the post then the longer one to cover the entire area including the post then what Andy said with the styrofoam. Measure the post to see how much it sticks up if 3/4in is to thick for the bottom board get 1/2in. If that is to thin you can build it up with thin wood paneling. Or plan B take the black caps off sawsall or hacksaw the pipe down to the weld spot.
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I would go with your idea of the 3/4" plywood but would add at least 4 "runners" on the underside to compensate for the space between the wood and the wire shelf. Cut the shelf slightly larger than the top and screw it down into the top caps of the posts just to add a bit of stability. The facing edge of the plywood can be finished with the heat (iron) applied veneer strips, or a piece of wood moulding, or even a piece of metal to keep with the look of the shelf.
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