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My fixed member intro

The first time around I thought this section was where you ask questions... But anyways, i have 5 fish tanks., and have been keeping fish for the past 5 going on 6 years. I'm almost 14, and got my first fish tank when I was 8, and that was a 2 1/2 gallon minibow, and I loved that thing to death. My only problem was that I was the kid who tried to put 3 male guppies in it and then get stumped why they died. Two days after getting them, my yellow guppy "sunny" died and I cried for like 5 minutes. That story is a classic example of any child's first fish tank. 2 years later, I got my next "big" upgrade, a 10 gallon. That tank was awesome, and is currently goinf barebottom with about 20 babies in it. But, again I was the kid who tried to fit a comet goldfish and a Ryukin in it at once. At one point, I had a fantail as well, but that guy was belly up about 3 months later, as well as my Ryukin who lived about 1 1/2 years. Sadly, the comet died about 2 3/4 years after buying. I tried tropicals like mollies but couldnt quite get it. I got impatient with the 10 and left it empty for a while and waited until my birthday for my current favorite tank, my 30 gallon. That tank had a rough start, but is currently runnig awesome. I had lots of trouble with it, but mainly because I didn't change the water. I had this tank for the next 3 months until they got ich and I had no experience beating it and they all died except for my cory cat who is currently almost 3 years old and my kuhli loach (used to live with my comet and them put in 30) who is about 4 1/2 years old. My current 30 gallon stock is:
1 cory cat
1 kuhli loach
1 blue 3 spot gourami
1 rosy barb
6 zebra danios
3 austrialian rainbowfish
1 madagascar rainbowfish
1 rubber lip pleco
2 swordtails (pair)
1 platy

This is definitely my favorite setup and have only lost neon tetras, but I think that pet stores always get bad strains of them that are inbred and therefore weak/prone to disease. (Some of these fish I've had for 2 months, some for 2 years)

My next setup is a 26 gallon bowfront in my room and has been running for almost 2 months with only one loss. This is my stock:
2 male cobra guppies
6 female guppies
2 zebra danios
2 red wag platies
1 albino bristlenose pleco (just picked him up yesterday)

One of my female guppies had a nice batch of fry in my 10 gallon (about 20-30) They have been in there for about 4 weeks or so, and are growing fast. They will go to the 26 soon.

My first 2 1/2 gallon currently has a betta that I've had for roughly a year and a half. Another betta at my mom's house has one of these 2 1/2 gal minibows and has been alive for almost 5 years. (Was in a bowl throughout my fish tank experience and was upgrades a few months ago)

So, thats the story of my fish tank keeping. When I finish 8th grade I will try to upgrade my 30 to a 60 and keep the 30 in my basement or something because there is a beautiful tank and stand combo at petsmart for $400. Hopefully it could be a birthday gift or something because most of my fish stuff I pay for. I love this hobby, and hope to stay with it for as long as possible.

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And yes, i am sadly a bucket brigader when it comes to cleaning day. I'd like a python, but I would have to use the bathroom sink and get a lot of extra slack on it's tube. Also ordered some java moss recently, so I will be trying it out soon.
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Welcome aboard. We are glad you found us here at AA.


You can view many of my fish and corals in my photo albums in my profile.

View my tank

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Hi, welcome to the forum

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