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Aug 3, 2023
My user name is is MelikaFish. I've been in the hobby for over 36 years, if I'm counting that right! Hehe I'm located in the West Coast... I mention it due to the noticable time difference that's listed.

I've had ALL sizes of aquariums. My first started out falling miserably at the poor advice is the fish store people. Then I started to do my own homework. I started out with a few I lived and ended up becoming the local "rescuer" of all sick, injured and oversized fish! That was a loads of fun! Then I had children, downsized. Took a little time off of large aquariums(having one smaller 10 gallon in their room to teach them about the ways if the fish and a few other fun projects they effort as children). They're grown now, and here I am, back for the past five plus years doing my own aquariums, instead of just helping others with theirs.

I now own several sizes mostly medium sized with countless countless varieties of plants. Maybe I've been growing for years and in very proud of. Some are btw even only this week and I'm delighted to add new varieties and colors to my site tanks! I have community aquariums, breeder aquariums, countless snails, a variety of shrimp, several types of loaches(who happen to be my favorites of almost my fish, next to my killifish and shrimp). I have three breed of killifish I'm having loads of fun breeding, a pair a bristlenose parents who will NOT stop breeding(the past two yrs they've successfully hatched at least 500-800 in their clutches. All originally very healthy standard and albino, of which about 200 made it to adulthood)... they're doing quite well, very healthy, and seem to have a clutch every 2 ish months or so. My very responsible local fish store(I've known for 25+ yrs) love their gorgeous babies and those they accept are paying for all the fresh and frozen food I need to feed all the rest of my fish and breeders(plus the plant nutrients and occasional new plant out two!).

I also have a have a collection of 4-5 different kinds of cory cats and... I have an accidental aquarium of breeding endlers I'm looking to re-home. As it is the fry are did for the my largest killifish.

I'm looking for any and all advice anyone is willing to share with me about acting I've mentioned above... And maybe even things I've failed to list.
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Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Can you tell us more about your plants and how you take care of them (eg: lighting times, fertilisers, etc).

What species of killifish do you have?
Welcome to the club. :flowers:
Always nice to see old timers as well as new "timers" ;) Us "oldies" have been around long enough to see the changes in the hobby as well as the fish industry. (y)
Can't wait to see pics of your current tanks and fish. :)
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