100 g SW Tank Estimates

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I am thinking of upgrading to a 100 gallon tank and was wondering how much it would cost. For those of you guys who have established tanks around 100 gallons or so, how much did it cost? I'm looking for price as far as the tank and equipment.

Hopefully this will give me an idea of how much I will need to save up. Having a 20 gallon makes me feel really limited, although it's kinda cool being able to capture nature at such a small scale.

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Boy, it really depends. Are you wanting lighting in the price? If so, what kind? Do you consider LR/LS a start up cost? Tank/stand/hood? Sump or no sump? What type of filtration? My best guess would be a bare bones from $600-700 or a reef set-up for $1200-1500, maybe even more. Depressing, huh? :wink:
I'd say plan on at least a few grand just for the tank, stand, lights filtration, rocks sand and water.
I've only upgraded from 55 gal fw to sw - I've already spent close to $1000 and I still don't have my lights. Cost depends on what quality you want to start with and what you are considering start up.
New tank, stand, canopy from lfs about $700 - $1,000
Now add a skimmer, 100 pounds or so of base rock, another 100 of LR, a sump, pump for return, two heaters, sand for DSB?, a few powerheads for circulation. Call it roughly $2,000 - $2,500 or so for new equipment.

Buying used or DIY items will change that considerably.

Oh, there are no lights in that estimate.
I was building my own stand and canopy $150.
Drilled glass tank 100G $250
Skimmer $ 200
PC Lights retro 220W $ 200 (I upgrade later)
Plumping $ 30
Sump $ 40
Return Pump $ 110
Sand and LR $ 550

If you are short on money, save up and start with the good quality stuff, it will you save money in the long run. There are also good deals on ebay every once in a while. Good luck.
X-mass is almost here!
Thanks everyone. I just thought I'd get a feel for how much I should save. This time I want to make sure I have enough money at the start so I don't neglect anything.
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