1000 galon tank on eBay

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I always feel bad for large fish stuck in small tanks just because they "fit". My LFS has a nurse shark and a moray eel. The ell is about 5ft long or so and the shark is atleast 3-4 and they barely can turn around. The tank is like 125-180g I think. Some things def should be left in the ocean personally. Side note I always wondered what people did with them when they died... can't flush them babies and def can't use a normal net.
Honestly, I know its hard to tell from the pix, but that looks like a 300G tank. 1000G tank wouldn't fit in dudes back yard. Also note, the bid says 1000 to 800G and to "do the math yourself"..buyer...BEWARE!
The math works out to about 128 cubic feet, so 800 gallons + 250 gallon sump = around 1k gallons. This is rounding off a few points here and there, so approximate, and the measurements or more than likely exterior rather than interior, so knock off another 100 or so. More appropriate math, lets assume my RO produces approx 4gallons/hour, to fill a 1k gallon container is about 250 hours... :D
Ya that isn't a practical home setup at all. I would say it would work for a small zoo/aquarium or really large pet store of some kind. Mantinence would be a super bitch as well.
Plus with all that water volume, you could only put this tank on a slab or in a basement. I know my 210 gallon weighs about as much as my mini van and resides in my basement. Can imagine what a tank like this would weigh when full.
Sharks and rays need a lot more space then that tank will allow. They gennerally do best in very large circular tanks where they have more swimming space. There are just some things that do not belong in a home aquarium, sharks and rays some of them.
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