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Sep 9, 2023
So this is what I consider to be my best tank as it has my oldest fish so they are more colorful than the juvenile fish I keep in my other tanks. This one is primarily dedicated to various species from the Amazon river basin however to add a unique touch we have two African species that can tolerate the lower ph which I’ll cover when I go over the tank’s inhabitants.
My tank is run via canister. Lighting is low due to the tank being in an office that is in an enclosed lanai. This tank originally was going to be planted but we have a very destructive geophagus so we have primarily dragon rock and driftwood for decor.
As mentioned previously this tank is primarily Amazon oriented so our ph stands at a solid 6.8 this is so high our Congo species and Amazon species feel comfortable.
Speaking of the fish I should run through what I own in this tank.
For cichlids I keep only 4. 2 gold/red spot hybrid sevrums, 1 flag cichlid, and a thread fin geophagus
For catfish I keep 2 feather fin synodontis, a single Lima shovel nose, and a synodontis tigrinus.
There are two misc species that inhabit this tank theirs 2 marbled pike characins and 1 six banded distochodus.
However this will change eventually as there are some fish that are being raised for this tank such as a Sengal bichir and some extra pike characins specifically the striped and silver variety.
Our tank is vacuumed, scrubbed, and given a small water change roughly twice a month we do it twice to compensate for the large amounts of ammonia produced by these fish and to account for the increased algae due to the tanks placement in the house. It’s rough but worth the work to keep the tank in its best condition.
Feeding wise we have a large variety of foods to cater to all the species in the tank. We regularly change the menu on a weekly basis. Our tanks menu is blood worms, brine shrimp, live ghost shrimp, rosy minnows, home raised guppies, shelled peas, sliced cucumber, algae strips, mysis shrimp, and beef heart. To keep it simple and healthy we go with a 3 base meal 1 type of live food, 1 vegetable, and 2 meaty foods this way all fish will get the proper nutrients vegetables for the distochodus, live feeders for the Lima and the pike characins, and the meatier foods for the cichlids.
That is my set up and how I run it. I have photos of the fish in this tank along with the tank itself
If you have any questions about how I raise my fish or how I pick my roster I’m glad to answer those questions.


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Welcome to the site. :flowers:

Nice looking fish. (y)(y) Good to see a nice varied diet being offered. These fish need more than just one or two types of foods . (y) WE seem to get lazy with feeding ONLY a pellet or ONLY a flake. Variety is the spice of life, even for fish. (y)
Looking forward to seeing your other fish as well. :)
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