125 gallon upgrade

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Simply you have 2 drains and one return.
1 drain about closed enough to create a syphon and second pipe is about 2-3" higher getting little water through.
Ok not much to update, I finished putting in more supports on the stand. Today I filled it half way to check for leaks, so far so good. 4 days till the big move!! I will keep everybody up to date on the move. Will be posting pics soon
Ok so today its the big day.I have to move the tank from outside in the garage to the basement.. this is not going to be easy, here is my plan.I cut a sheet of plywood a little bigger then the tank and placed a sheet of carpet for the tank to rest on.I plan on screwing 2x4s to the stairs to make a ramp and sliding it down.
Alright below are some pics of what I have got done. all the rock and fish are in.I filed it about half way so I can finish plumbing the overflows over the next few days.the water is still cloudy but should clear up with in the next few hours.ForumRunner_20120429_194123.jpg


I still need to get another LED fixture for the other side
So i have some bad news... My yellow tang and powder brown tang died. for the first few hours after the transfer everything was fine. i don't know what happened. all of a sudden they stopped swimming. all my levels are fine. and to add even more bad news i found my lawnmower blenny jumped out of my old tank. i found him during the move. i am not happy right now. thats 3 fish in 24 hours. at this point i am really considering just doing sps corals and very few fish.
Marine4life said:
Hi, in your tank on the left hand side looks like you have a slab in there? If so what kind of slab you have cos i can use a peice in my tank too.

Its a cement paver, I thought it looked cool in the old tank so I put it in the new one.
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